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Jule, an actress in need of love and contracts, earns her living as a daycare educator. Between two auditions, she finds a little comfort in the stories she invents and tells to the children.


Then one day, Jule discovered NOLI, a feminist and caring auditory pornography application. She then becomes absolutely fascinated, even swallowed by these voices that are both so intimate and disembodied.  Buoyed by her recent discovery, she realizes that we would benefit from addressing adults more often as children, and children as adults; with sincerity, patience and humility.

Theater play. 4 interpreters. 1h30

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“Virginie Daigle’s first creation and certainly not the last. ”. “No vulgarity in the text, but gentleness and humor.»

- Valérie Garrigue, Gourmet Cultures, November 13, 2022

“NOLI is a decidedly post #metoo show, which talks about self-expression in a fun way. »

- Nathalie de Han, La Scena Musicale, November 6, 2022

“The proposal draws its strength from the erotic dimension of sound, which it explores, and finds an emancipatory faculty in the face of the power dynamics at work in social and sexual relationships.”

“At the intersection of these issues, a show such as Noli shows how desire can take on all the qualities of an instrument of liberation, of reinvention of our ways of enjoying and, above all, as an actress, of playing.”

- Julie-Michèle Morin, Liberté, May 29, 2023

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